✍ Finally, an ask-meme for writers! ✍


01: When did you first start writing?
02: What was your favorite book growing up?
03: Are you an avid reader?
04: Have you ever thrown a book across the room?
05: Did you take writing courses in school/college?
06: Have you read any writing-advice books?
07: Have you ever…

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The tallest statue in the world, Ushiku Daibutsu.

this always gives me chills


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Spring break forever, bitches.
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Just one of those things that I always wondered about. Stags and otters are all very well, but what if you end up with a tiny chameleon or giant blue whale? I mean, it could be a giant tub of nutella…

Anyway, so glad I got around to doing this pic -drawing the less attractive animals was awesome.

Popped it up on Redbubble because they have tote bags and cushions now which is just wow - can grab it also on cards or posters - check it out here!

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The Strain 1.2

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